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Weekend was One of a Kind, and more…

December 6, 2010

Hello all!  Hope you had a fantastic weekend!  We sure did!  Here’s the recap of our weekend:

First, we started out at the One of a Kind Show and Sale where there was a great variety of items and artists.  Some of the trends we noticed were lots of cool graphic baby onesies, owls & birds, screen-printed tea towels and other linens.  We knew that fancy, decorated headbands were in but hats are really making a comeback!  Below are some of our favorites:

One of a Kind1) Acrylic paint on windows by Emmy Star Brown. 2) Enamels and maple wood pendants by Steinvika Designs3) Jewelry created from Tagua nuts, by Veronica Riley Martens.    A little FYI: Tagua nuts are eco-friendly, organic nuts that come from palm trees in the rain forest. The nuts are shaped, sliced and dyed by various local artisans in South America.  Amanda especially loves the yellow tagua nut earrings! 4) stained glass & tiny flower pendants from Skipping Lilies. 5) TRUFFLES! Delicious treats and adorable packaging from Katherine Anne Confections6) Adorable, graphic onesies from Lil Fishy.

And onto Renegade Craft Fair – Holiday Sale!

1) Great finds from Uncommon! Husband and wife team represented at both events too! Amanda bought herself a pair of their birdie hair pins (See pic below) and Melissa is mildly obsessed with their bamboo doilie coasters. 2) FoundRe: specializes in handmade custom picture frames and furniture. All products are made using recycled material found locally in Chicago, IL. 3) Prints and textiles from Leah Duncan. 4) Tartella has a passion for paper and food!  Our kind of style! 5) Witty and beautiful paper products from Colette Paperie. 6) Awesome letterpress pieces from 1 Canoe 2.

We had a blast talking to shop owners, selecting holiday gifts, soaking up information and so much more!  Next year we may do all our Holiday shopping at the One of a Kind Show & Sale and the Renegade Craft Fair – Holiday Sale!  We encourage you to do the same if you’re looking for some unique, personal and clever gifts for your loved ones.  All in all, it was a fabulous day in the windy city.  What’d you do over the weekend?

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