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Bargains Galore!

December 13, 2010

This weekend I planned on working on some Re-Deuxs with Mel. Unfortunately Mother Nature stepped in and turned rain into ice and then snowed over it. Fortunately, I was still able to tag along with my friend Jen and Jenna (who has four wheel drive) to do a little shopping at Kohl’s Department Store. Although I planned on buying Christmas presents, I decided to take a stroll down the clearance section of the home decor aisle. I scope out this section first because often I find pieces that may just need a quick re-deux for next to nothing. Glad I did! Their shelves were chock full of Elle Decor accessories. A ceramic owl (that I plan on painting) that normally retails for $24.99 was only $6.25! I also found glass decorative balls and a skull and cross bones table runner (clearly left from Halloween but I may find a fun place to use it at some other point) for 80% off. I may have also gone home and ordered 2 of the antiqued horse statues from their website, only because I could picture them on a console table Mel and I got at the flea market this summer. These were originally $59.99 and I scored them for $15 each.

No more buying for myself til after December 25th, but I couldn’t pass up these great bargains. Who can?

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