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Before & After: Bridesmaid to Ring Master

December 14, 2010

Good Morning!  Today I’m going back in time to talk Halloween, only because I want to share one of my latest transformation projects using an old, only worn once bridesmaid dress.  Some ladies donate their dresses, some just collect dust.  Maybe some shorten the hem and wear again, I know many would like to think that will happen.  Well I chose to cut mine up and create my Halloween costume.   I decided to go as a ring master this year and thought that if I created a skirt, I could definitely wear a piece of that dress again, and again.  So I cut pieces from the length of the dress to make the skirt, hemmed it at the waist then added some buttons and chains unto the top piece and ta-da, a fancy lil’ ring master costume.

Bridesmaid to Ring Master

I lucked out and was able to borrow the jacket & top hat from a friend so this year’s Halloween costume was quite inexpensive, plus I created a new piece to add to my wardrobe.  What would you create using an old bridesmaid dress?  Have an idea, but not the sewing skills?  Email me, and we can collaborate & create a custom piece for you!

And before I forget, today’s big announcement that has to deal with Before & Afters is what I intend to do for 2011!  In efforts to save money & sew more,  I am challenging myself (and Amanda will partake too) in a weekly project throughout the new year.

52 weeks + 1 project per week =

52 Re-deuxs

The plan is to take old clothing items,  scrap fabric, or new fabric (with a limit of $5.20/per week), and create a new item for myself or others.  Every Tuesday we’ll debut the finished piece, and if possible give you a preview of what we’re working on for the next week.  It’s quite the challenge & commitment, follow us as we rethink, redesign, and recreate our 52 Re-deuxs!  First Re-deux: Tuesday,  January 4!

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