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Baby Shower Inspirations

December 15, 2010

Hillary & Baby Girl Shower update:

I volunteered to make the bedding for the nursery because A) All the bedding Hillary liked was ridiculously overpriced, she didn’t dare register for it.  300 +  some odd dollars for something Baby Girl is only going to use for a short time…I don’t think so.  B) I’m a crafty gal and it’s the least I can do!  Make my friend something so personalized, totally her style and much more affordable.  Done deal.

So last weekend we went fabric shopping and found a pattern she loved.  Of course there’d be a problem, the store we went to only had a yard left.  We need at least 4 yards just for the crib bumper!  So after lots of phone calls, mouse-clicks,  and texts we were able to find some.  A big thank you to Nicole, who went and picked it up for us!!

If you know Hillary, you know that this fabric suits her personality quite well.

The colors of the baby shower are changing a bit to coordinate with the fabric, because that’s how I roll.  That and she’ll be using some of the decorations from the shower for Baby Girl’s nursery.  Hillary and her boy, Noel, are converting their office into the nursery.  You can expect to see pictures  of that project right here on Re-deux Creative!

Halfway through the work week!! YAY!  Enjoy your Wednesday!



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