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Before & After. Combined with a DIY.

December 28, 2010

Hello friends.  I apologize for the very small, not really a REAL re-deux, but a before and after photo nonetheless.  And poor quality photos at that.  I promise our photo skills will improve in 2011!

Moving on.  The before & after image is of a Christmas gift I made for my Grandma.  She doesn’t like when we (grandchildren) spend money on her but she loves when we put some real thought and heart into something, especially if it’s hand- and/or home-made.

I found a poem I liked, hoped Granny would like it too, printed it off on some card stock.  Sometimes when my printer wants to, I print on watercolor paper, this was not one of those times. You can use a poem, quotes, whatever your heart desires.  Then I grabbed my guache paints and made some simple shapes of flowers, leaves and birds (things that would coordinate with her home and decorating style).

The before image is a few layers of paint, sadly it resembles something a grade schooler would do, and maybe the after looks similar too, but at least you can see a difference.  I hope.  I went in with a fine tip Sharpie and added some organic lines that help create movement and give the painting more life.

Everyone’s style is different, but I urge you to give it a try.  Besides, Grandmas always love homemade gifts, I think it’s a law as a grandparent. 🙂

Be sure to come back tomorrow, we’re posting some New Year’s Eve party inspiration and on Thursday we’ll talk resolutions.  I’ll also be posting about some of the things I received for Christmas but I’m waiting…….because tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!!!  I figured I’ll combine Christmas & Birthday gifts into one post.  Stay tuned.  And Happy Tuesday!!

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