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Holiday Recap

January 3, 2011

Hello there!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and New Year’s!  I sure did!  Before I get into New Year’s I’m going to back it up a bit to last week and say THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes.  For those who came and helped me celebrate my golden birthday, I appreciate it so much!  You all are the best!  Here’s a few pics from the B-Day.

You’re probably wondering what’s up with all the hats.  Well I decided that since I was another year older, why not play a little dress up?!  And the Baker House in Lake Geneva, WI was just the place.   Thanks again, friends!

And onto New Year’s!  Plans changed last minute but my friends, Noel & Hillary, decided to host a little dinner party at their place.  Good time was had by all!  Thanks you two!  I didn’t take many photos, which is sad considering I got a new point-and-shoot camera for my birthday! But here’s what I got: My friend, Sarah, on the other hand took lots of photo!  While using the timer mode we found it takes a series of photos, similar to a photo booth.  The front row had way more fun than the back, we all had our arms around each other. Sorry, it’s not the best quality but I think you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.
I also went to the Packers-Bears game yesterday, but Ill post pictures of that tomorrow.  Enjoy your Monday!


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