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It’s gonna be a HOOT!

January 12, 2011

Today I’m giving you an update on Hillary’s baby shower, as well as the nursery I’m helping her with.  We primed and painted the baby’s room last week and soon the carpet will get ripped up!  Pictures of the room are coming soon, but here’s some inspiration for all that we are thinking, making, and doing.

The owl & speech bubble at the top are some of the elements on the shower invitations.  I’m planning on making a bunch of pom poms to use as decoration for the shower which can then be used in Baby Girl’s room.  I love how the pom poms mimic the circles in the fabric Hillary choose.  For a tutorial on how to make fabric pom poms as seen in photo A) go here!

Other inspiration for upcoming projects & ideas: B) Treats from Bakelab in Los Angeles. C) Stuffed owl D) Owl cake pops (Attempts number one & two at cake pops weren’t the greatest, tasty but not so cute. )  E) Decorative, personalized onesies F) Collage-like silhouettes for the nursery.

As always, I’m open for suggestions.  Happy Wednesday!

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