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Clothespins are the new slideshow…

January 19, 2011

Most weddings I have been to over the past several years have had a slideshow. Baby pictures of bride and groom, family pictures, pictures of friends, and pictures of the bride and groom during their relationship-in that order-are pretty standard. I have to say, I’m a sucker for them. Who doesn’t love to laugh at the picture of the bride’s first bath and the groom’s akward middle school years? Fantastic. Unfortunately, our reception is on the 2nd story veranda that wraps around a plantation house, and there really isn’t anywhere to set up a projector seamlessly. Never daunted by a challenge, I sought out to find solutions to our slideshow dilemma. Here is what I found:

This one comes courtesy of the blog Young House Love. They got married on the ever popular 7-7-07, and instead of fighting the millions that also picked that wedding date they decided to throw their own creative wedding in their beautiful backyard! They created this look by stringing twine between two 5′ garden hooks and clipping the pictures on with simple clothespins. It is not mentioned in the post but it also looks like they put the photos in protective sleeves and added captions. Great idea!

Photo bulletin board. Use a simple cork board or cover it with a fun, color coordinating fabric! Use straight pins, colored thumb tacks, or adhere with double sided table if you want a more streamlined look!

Flower Patch Farmgirl provides an entire DIY, step by step process on how to make these fun displays out of salvaged windows. A great look if your wedding has an antique or vintagey feel!

Create a photo screen! A little different from my Re-Deux, this idea comes from Martha Stewart. Using any existing screen, cut foam core to fit in the openings and attach with spray adhesive, use the same process to adhere fabric over foam core. They also glued white satin ribbon in a criss cross pattern to hold the images. Depending on the screen, colors, and fabric you select this could work for any wedding whether it be modern or traditional.

And the last idea I do not have an image of, but comes from my friends Amanda and Brad. At their wedding instead of table numbers they had years, and each table had a picture of bride and/or groom during that year. The table we sat at had a picture of a grade school Amanda in her soccer uniform. Too cute! Also a great idea to get guests to mingle while they visit different tables to view the pictures.

Still not sure what I will do, but all great ideas! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. January 19, 2011 5:49 PM

    I say no to the bulletin board idea. But do like the clothes pin and line concept. Perfect for the wraparound porch!


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