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A Southeastern kind of trip…

January 26, 2011

Greetings from balmy Augusta, GA! (Yep, sad when 50 degrees is ‘balmy’.) This week I’m on a work trip through the southeast. I started in Virginia and continued through North Carolina, South Carolina, and finally Georgia. The nice thing about traveling for work is that I get to see parts of the country I wouldn’t necessarily see on my own. But, the downside is that there usually is slim to no time to explore beyond what I see from the car window.

So here are my passenger seat highlights/things I wish I could have seen more of:

Just over the Tennessee border from Bristol, TN lies Bristol, VA (way to be confusing!). I was only here about 2 hours, but the trip from Bristol to North Carolina was beautiful! Stunning views of the Appalachian Mountains made the drive go by much faster. Not to mention, I discovered that North Carolina has a wine country! Definitely want to come back and check that out!

Next up was Pinehurst, NC. Pinehurst is known for its extraordinary golfing and luxurious resort. Home to such tournaments at the PGA tour, and the U.S. Open (which will happen again in 2014) Pinehurst, according to the Guiness Book of World Records, has the largest golf course in the world! Being such a golf mecca, it also has amazing accommodations that I definitely would like to stay at some day:


Next up was lunch in High Point, NC. Known as a furniture hub, Mel and I will definitely be back here one day! Sadly no time for furniture scoping, but we had delicious Carolina Barbeque and my favorite southern fare, hush puppies, at Carter Brothers Barbeque.  For those of you who haven’t had a hush puppy, it’s a deep fried cornbread ball. They’re amazing.

Next was Greenville, SC. Greenville has several historic districs with some amazingly beautiful homes, cute shops, and fabulous restaurants. Wrap around porches and white columns are quite popular in this area. Certainly made me drool.

Photo of West End Historic District StreetPhoto of a home in the Pettigru Historic District

On the way to Augusta, GA I saw an interesting site on the freeway. 

Yep. That’s Gaffney, SC’s water tower.

Last stop, and where I’m currently sitting in my hotel room, is Augusta, GA. This is another spot for GORGEOUS houses. Just over the South Carolina border on the Savannah River, Augusta is the 2nd largest metropolitain city in Georgia.  Another nod to golf, Augusta National Golf Club is host to The Masters every year.

Historic homesAugusta Event Tickets

Just finished a dessert of peach raviolis with praline cream. Great end to the trip!

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