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‘I Wish I Could’….stay at the Ace Hotel

February 8, 2011

More specifically I want to stay at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, CA.  I’d go right now if I could, give me a  break from all this snow and frigid cold weather.  Send me to the desert, please!

Ace Hotel & Swim Club is a renovated mid-century modern motel with an ultra cool, bohemian vibe.  Not only do they have outdoor spa services, but they have room service, wi-fi,  a pool and hot tub, a gym and you can bring your dog.  Some rooms have patios, others have fireplaces.  They have a lot of earth-friendly and sustainable elements, such as vintage furniture.   It’s close to all sorts of attractions and in walking distance of downtown.

Ace Hotel

Images from Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

Ace Hotel part 2

All images from Ace Hotel, Palm Springs site.

Pretty sure this place is heaven in the desert!  Seriously, go check it out!  And if the desert isn’t your thing you can visit one of their other locations:  Portland, Seattle, and New York.

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