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52 Re-Deux: Week 7

February 15, 2011

This week I attempted my first re-upholstery project! Now let me start by saying that I thought this would be fairly ‘easy’. I mean, all I had to do was unscrew the seat from the frame, pull the old fabric off and staple on new fabric. Well, when I actually unscrewed the seat I realized that there were about 50 commercial grade staples going all the way around the seat of the chair. I set to work with two different types of pliers and a flat head screw driver. As soon as I pulled out the first few staples I realized that there were two layers of fabric and staples, bringing the count to approximately 100 staples. I now understand why upholsterers charge what they do! After 4 hours of pulling, prying, and stapling (with my new Cynthia Rowley staple gun!), I finally had an upholstered seat. Then I set to work sanding down the frame and putting on a couple coats of white paint. Below is the finished product. Not bad for a first try (I just hope no one ever looks at the underside of the seat!)




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