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New finds!

February 23, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

This week I have to share with you a couple of awesome finds I got from my coworker, Judy. When she came over to my desk one day and asked me if I wanted a lampshade she salvaged and a trellis that was currently in her neighbor’s trash pile, I was so excited! Now, when Judy told me about the trellis, she said, “I think it’s about as tall as I am, maybe a little taller.” I knew it wouldn’t fit in my Corolla, because Judy is in the mid 5′ range. So once again I enlisted Dan to help me transport it home in his Mazda 3 hatchback.

When we got to Judy’s and stood the trellis up, we all realized it was MUCH taller than Judy, and 6’5″ Dan, and probably most NBA players. None the less, we put it in the back and gently set the hatchback door on the trellis, letting about 4′ stick out the back. Five very nerve wrecking miles later, the trellis made it home in one piece! I’m still trying to find something creative to do with it, but it sure has potential. Thanks Judy for your awesome contributions!!

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