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Moggit? I love it.

April 13, 2011

I don’t remember how I came upon Moggit, but I have been hooked ever since the day I laid eyes on it. Bloggers Janet and Joy are two longtime friends who have clever, funny things to say about all things design. They have graced the stage of The Nate Berkus Show (one of my absolute favorite people-I’m very jealous) and have filmed several webisodes for HGTV, all available to watch on their website.

From the ridiculous (a chair made out of thousands of chopsticks) to the downright creepy (a glass server showcasing a silicone sculpture of a young girl-that is also a mouse cage) the ladies manage to dig up some pretty crazy material. Their blog posts are short, consisting of a title, image, and short caption, but they pack a hilarious punch.  Do yourself a favor and subscribe to their blog. Read it at the end of a really bad day, I guarantee it will give you a much needed laugh!

A recent post from Moggit :

‘The Player’

Via: top speed

When Jack promised his new girlfriend an unforgettable ride in his Mercedes, this was not exactly what she had in mind

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