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Re-Deux Quickfires!

June 1, 2011

Probably because I am not a talented cook, I love watching Top Chef. For those of you who do not watch, each show is made up of two parts. Most of the show is consumed by the Elimination Challenge where competitors have to do things such as cater to 200 guests in the Hamptons or make box lunches for 100 kids for a museum sleepover. However, at the beginning is a Quickfire Challenge which is just one element, like making a soup, using only poultry, or cooking in a certain style. My Re-Deuxs today only involved one element. I only did one thing like paint OR reupholstered. These were not complete overhalls like some of our other Re-Deuxs. However, I still thought they warrented a look. Hope you like the results!

Mirror Transformation


Paint was the only update on this mirror, but it made a great addition to my kitchen!


My dining room chairs have been needing a makeover for the last five years. The yellow vinyl had seen better days. Admittedly I was feeling impatient and just wanted a quick fix so I reupholstered the seats with some outdoor fabric, and left the wood untouched. Eventually I will give them a fresh coat of black paint but until then they will do.


Hope you enjoyed the “Quickfires”. Watch for a new Re-Deux next week!
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