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Flea Market Fantastic!

June 30, 2011

Hello! It’s almost the long weekend! Anyone else excited about this? 🙂

Mel had a big weekend so I hit the flea market with my Mel stand-in, Suz, along with her fiance and The Tall Guy (who may soon get himself a job with Re-Deux, see below for his fantastic find!) We had a late start, but the deals were awesome! Admittedly, I bought more wedding stuff than Re-Deux items, but it was still a successful day.

First purchase, a yellow Lipton teapot. So beautiful, I couldn’t pass it up for the $10 I bargained it down to. Next, an off white side table-made of plastic! I would have never known until I went to strip it had the seller not told me. In one of the dairy barns (did we ever mention that the Walworth County Flea Market is at the fair grounds?) I found a mink, (or maybe chinchilla), stole for my wedding-for only $35! This may end up in my Etsy Vintage shop after, who knows. But the best find of the day goes to The Tall Guy. He found a 12″x12″ wood slatted egg crate, suggesting we use it as a card box for our wedding. Great idea! Way to think ‘outside of the box’ Tall Guy!

Check back to see what we do with the table, (and maybe I”ll give you a peek at the yummy desserts I serve with tea-served from my new teapot:))

June Flea Market Treasures!

Have a wonderful, safe weekend!
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  1. Suz Weins permalink
    July 1, 2011 9:21 AM

    Got my own shout out!! How fun! It was a beautiful, sunny day in Elkhorn. The boys were troopers. Amanda’s words of wisdom “Only spend the cash that you bring.” She’s a pro, I couldn’t even bargain from $3 down to $2 for a little jar.
    I agree, if you’re building an eclectic look for a wedding or shower or party, don’t forget flea markets, they’re full of wonderful treasures and interesting people!!


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