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52 ReDeux-Week 27-Parts make a whole lamp

July 7, 2011

This winter, my friend Judy donated some items to our Re-Deux stash. You might remember the ginormous trellis? She also gave us a lampshade her church rummage sale was about to throw in the trash (how dare them!) I decided to try my hand at recovering this lampshade with fabric. I found a tutorial on Design*Sponge, which I slightly modified. Bad idea. My lampshade turned out ok, but my craftsmanship is less than stellar. And I should have used a template like Design*Sponge suggested, I wouldn’t have the jagged cuts in some areas. Practice makes perfect!

Judy's Lampshade Before

To go along with the shade, I needed a lamp. I found a cream colored, spray painted urn lamp at Goodwill. I figured I could spray over it again and do a nice bright yellow. When I got it home, I was scratching off the price tag and to my surprise the spray paint chipped away and revealed a bright yellow ceramic lamp! Tall Guy and I used nail polish remover to get all of the old paint off. An hour later, we had a beautiful lamp!

Goodwill lamp Before

So here it is, the final product!


  Thanks Judy for the awesome contributions and for supporting our blog!
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