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Love for metal chairs.

January 5, 2012

Admitedly, I had some trouble focusing today at work. My co-worker that typically sorts and hands out the mail was out for the last few days, so when my mail stack reached my desk I had 6 new catalogues to go through. It was the highlight of my day! After sufficient drooling and pining, I decided to share with you the thing most on my mind-metal chairs!

Now I don’t currently have a living space that allows for more than 2-3 dining type chairs. However, a girl can dream…and stack things in her basement. Sorry hubby!

Here are my favorites. Tough to decide which will grace my dining table and outdoor space one day:)

 Top to bottom:

Pottery Barn Tolix Cafe Chairs $245. Don’t worry, the set of six is on sale for only a little over $1,300:) A girl can dream. I love the silver, but the black has that French cafe feel. Decisions decisions.

Crate and Barrel Ming Green Side Chair $199. Only comes in this awesome green, but I think that is the best feature. Could look fantastic in a kitchen with black and white checkerboard tile. Love.

Last, but not least, the best deal. Grandin Road’s Alsace Chairs, $149 for a SET OF TWO! Comes in yellow (shown), apricot, blue, green, and red. These, unlike the others, are distressed and have a little more character. Matching stools also available.

Now that I’m done dreaming about chairs, time to get to work on some Re-Deuxs this weekend! For those of you here in Wisconsin, enjoy the 40 degree January weather and spray paint outside like me:)

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