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January 30, 2012

Happy Monday all!

This weekend The Tall Guy and I put our toe in the water of house hunting. Maybe it’s my biological clock, or maybe it’s the fact that I want to buy a sofa I don’t have to worry about getting through a 29″ doorway, but either way I”ve got the itch to settle in one place for more than a couple of years. Since neither of us are exactly handy (we get anxiety watching those shows on DIY where the couple renovates their kitchen or bathroom) we thought the logical first route was to look at buying a newer home or building. There was an open house at a local builder’s model on Saturday so we went and checked it out.

We know that building is not exactly cheap. However, we have heard from friends that you can do some of the work yourselves to save money. As I said before, we’re not handy, so we won’t be doing any anxiety inducing things like installing cabinets. However, we are capable of painting walls and installing towel rods (I think). While poring over all of the costs, I told Tall Guy that we can forgo the upcharge for a double sink vanity and additional upcharge of a solid surface top by supplying our own freestanding vanity. This brought on a confused look. So I showed him some examples from various websites. Although some may not be much cheaper than installing full blown cabinetry, there is just that charm and coziness of a piece of furniture instead of box cabinets.  Check out my favorites. Hopefully I can have one of these someday soon!

Have a great week, I’m off to North Carolina for work. Hope it’s warmer than Wisconsin!
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