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Matters of the Heart Gala VIP Lounge

February 29, 2012

Hello all!

A couple of weeks ago, we got the opportunity to design the VIP Lounge for the Matters of the Heart Gala, held at the Pfister Hotel. The gala supports the Grief Resource Center, an amazing group that helps people dealing with loss in their lives. 23, the space that the VIP Lounge was located in, was a blank canvas. The only items in the room were a few console tables that the food vendors used (shout out to Tall Guy and a Grill and his apple bacon bourbon tarts!), a couple of tan loveseats, and some high top tables.

Luckily we have some friends in the furniture biz, and we were able to borrow some larger lounge pieces since we didn’t have enough coordinating furniture on hand. Of course we had to put our Re-Deux stamp on the space! The theme this year was ‘Going Green”, so we recovered some pillows, reupholstered ottomans, and sewed a runner last minute to add interest to a coffee table. We had so much fun doing this, and got some really good Re-Deuxs in the process! Check out the space, and our befores and afters!

Hope you like what you saw! Thank you so much to Kelly Andrew for giving us this amazing opportunity (some of those green pillows have found a good home in her living room!)

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