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Re-Deux In Progress

April 23, 2014

When we moved into our house, Tall Guy and I decided the two downstairs bedrooms would be our offices. We dream of going to Italy one day, so I used that as my inspiration for his office. I found a Sicily linen at a flea market and framed it to hang on the wall. When my mom came back from her trip in Italy, she gave Tall Guy another one to add. I took the blue from the linens as a cue for the paint color. The palette was to be blue, red, and sunflower yellow.



And then things got crazy. Picture on the left is when we moved in, right was taken today. Believe it or not, there is a futon under that giant pile.


We quickly realized that sucking up two bedrooms for offices only left us with a couch for guests. So we decided to turn Tall Guy’s office into an office/guest room. This was all well and good, until both of our businesses got crazy busy. That’s right, all of those boxes are overflow from my office. Good problem to have I suppose! Now with having the Tall Guy space in Wauwatosa, Tall Guy’s office is moving there. We insulated the basement, so now I will be able to relocate all of those boxes. The next step is to turn this room into a full blown, no duel-use, GUEST ROOM. This will take a little time since we decided to uprade the futon to a REAL bed and mattress, and I need to save up some pennies for that. I can’t exactly Re-Deux a mattress set:)

Now to dig out the futon for Mel’s visit this weekend! Stay tuned for this fun Re-Deux!


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