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First Flea Market of the Season!

May 20, 2014

Sunday was opening day for the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market at the Walworth County Fair Grounds. The beautiful thing about this flea market is that it is an ANTIQUE flea market. That means you are not going to find $1 packs of pencils or $5 mops. Every seller has a curated collection of antique, vintage, and re-worked items. I guess you could call it a ‘classy’ flea market maybe?

Mel scored the first find of the day with an egg basket. She lucked out and the seller also gave her (for free!) the wood squirrel. She said it is supposed to be for getting hot dishes out of the oven. Whatever it is, it’s cute!


We always find so much cool stuff! I’m just waiting for an interior design client who asks me to do a room with all flea market finds. A girl can dream. Here were my favorite scores. The enamel colander was only $5! And the plastic cups were $10 for a set of 8. Can’t wait to use them!


Here are the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market dates for the rest of 2014:

June 29th

(there is no July flea market)

August 10th

September 28th

Do you have any favorite flea markets? Let us know!

Happy Tuesday!



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