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Dresser Re-Deux

July 2, 2014

I know you’re going to think I’m crazy, but I have not owned a dresser since I moved out of the dorms. For years I hung everything except underwear and socks, which went into giant Rubbermaid drawers at the bottom of my closet. Let me tell you, those things were way easier to move from apartment to apartment than a piece of furniture! When we moved into this new house our hanging space was limited, so I decided I was going to have to suck it up and get a dresser. Late last summer at one of the last Elkhorn Flea Markets, Tall Guy spotted a dresser set for $50! The set included a tall chest, long dresser, and mirror. Sold! The funny part is that even though we have a huge SUV, no matter how we tried to Tetris this stuff in, we could not fit both big pieces. Mel had to get her dad’s truck and get the second piece and make the trek to our house.

Unfortunately, all of my ‘before’ pictures were lost in my SIM card corruption:( Shame on me for not backing up phone photos!!!! Anyway, below is an example of chests that looks similar to what we started with:dressers


We ended up getting rid of the mirror. This set has a wood veneer, and the veneer was peeling/broken off the mirror. I didn’t love it enough to fix it so it went to the curb.

The set smelled pretty strongly of old wood, especially when the drawers were opened. Fortunately we got this set right before we headed out for vacation, so we left it to air out with the drawers open for a little over a week. I have also heard that you can put open containers of vinegar in the drawers to absorb the odor, but I haven’t tried that one yet.

First I took all of the pulls off. They were pretty rusty, so they already had a rough enough texture to spray paint. I used a couple coats of a gray primer paint, it covered like a dream!

I knew I wanted to paint the dresser a sunflower yellow and the chest a deep indigo. The dresser looked great after a couple of coats. The chest, on the other hand, looked like a blue crayon. I realized I didn’t buy as deep of a blue as I had thought. I went back and bought a deeper indigo. Still I was not happy, it looked like I was going for primary colors. Finally I changed course completely and did turquoise!


The completed product! Bye bye Rubbermaid drawers!


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