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4th Bedroom-The Complete Re-Deux

July 9, 2014

I’ve shown you the dressers and vanity I made over in our 4th bedroom-turned-closet. Now for the details of the re-deux of the room as a whole!

Our house has 4 bedrooms. One master, one for each of our offices, and then one tiny one left over. I know everyone was waiting for us to say it would be a baby room when we first were moving in. Uh, no. Tall Guy and I already have 3 babies-Murphy, and both of our businesses. So what to do with that extra bedroom? Make it into a closet of course!

The man we bought our house from was a ‘flipper’. Our house was a foreclosure that he purchased for a low price and then updated. I mean UPDATED. Check out what the fourth bedroom looked like before and after he got his hands on it:

original closet

Our master bedroom has a super tiny closet. If it was just me living in this house, I could (maybe) make it work. But add in a 6’5″ man and his large clothing and you’re out of space! This fourth bedroom is right across the hall from the master so the proximity makes sense.

I wanted to keep the wall paint white because if I’m putting on make-up and trying on clothing, I don’t want a color altering how I really look once I get outside. Bright colors in a small room like this will reflect on everything. I still think back to my friend who painted a bathroom a deep magenta. I remember looking at my face in the mirror and thinking I looked flushed, it was the paint! Always keep this in mind when you have a room where the color reflection matters (bedrooms, bathrooms, offices). We did paint the tiny ‘munchkin’ doors gray instead of the lovely mint green.IMG_5788

Everyone thinks the mirror over the dresser is a re-deux, but I cannot take credit for this Home Goods purchase:) The dresser did come with a mirror, but I think this gray mirror was a much better fit for the room.


There were a few small re-deuxs on the dresser. The round tray was a tarnished chrome tray from Goodwill that I primed and spray painted indigo. The jewelry rack with arms I found at Kohl’s in the bath section. It was white, again I did a little gray spray paint since white would have disappeared against the white wall.

The biggest challenge was figuring out how to hang clothing. There are two sets of closet doors in this room, but they are both storage spaces. I had the idea of using rolling racks, but Tall Guy hates those and vetoed my suggestion. With the angled walls, figuring out a hanging solution was not easy. All I can say is thank God for the internet and YouTube! I randomly found a company that has angled rod brackets AND they had an installation video. I can proudly say I did the whole rod project myself. Armed with a stud finder and a drill, I got all of the brackets install and 8′ worth of wood pole for hanging.


For weeks I was terrified that this whole thing would fall off the wall. So far so good! I’m still trying to come up with a better shoe solution, but for now I just used a set of the metal grid cubes we had from our office. They certainly make it obvious who the shoe lover is in this house!

Here are some over all shots. Hope you like it!

closet before and after







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