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Organized Is As Organized Does

July 11, 2014

The past month has been absolutely crazy. It’s wedding season for Tall Guy, and I took on a new client so our house has kind of been in shambles. This morning TG had a breakfast gig so I got up with him to do some work. I went in the bathroom and opened the cabinet and things fell out. Everywhere. And to be honest, I had been wrestling with my shelf of odds and ends for weeks. Nothing frustrates me more than trying to find something in a disorganized pile.


So this morning, I took matters into my own hands. Minus TG’s shelf, (because if I organize it, he’ll be asking me for weeks where stuff is) I got to organizing.  The way I organize falls into 4 steps:

1. Take everything out & clean. Every single thing. Don’t leave the bottle of lotion or toothpaste in there, you need a clean slate. Wipe down all the surfaces.

2. PURGE. Be really honest with yourself. You do not need 27 mini shampoos and conditioners for travel or guests. Keep one set if you must, the rest (of unopened items) donate. Check expiration dates. Medications and supplements have them, and your makeup, sunscreen, and self tanners are probably only good for about a year after opening. I also pitched items I hadn’t used for a year, like face wash that dried out my skin, but for some reason I felt I needed to hang on to because I didn’t want to waste it. It was just taking up valuable real estate and I was never going to use it!


3. Group. Put like with like. My groups were hair related items (styling products, headbands, pins), supplements & medications (vitamins, aspirin), mani/pedi items (nail polishes, nail clippers, files), and travel items. I will also mention here, do NOT go out and buy bins or baskets until you group everything. Until you know what you need to keep together and the sizes of these groups, you do not know what you need for containment. See what you currently have that may work. Don’t end up with $100 in pretty bins in a corner of your basement. Use a tape measure. Measure the shelves you’re working with. Put all your grouped items on the floor and measure how much space they cover, or at least get a visual as to how big your containers need to be.

4. Put it all back! Take your containers and groupings and make it look pretty. Keep things you access often at the front and visible. Keep tall items at the back and short at the front-this is VERY important! I see this all the time in TG’s kitchen. People put the tall containers of spices in front of the tiny ones, and I spend 10 minutes looking for nutmeg.

Another thing I did was put together a TSA travel bag. I do fly quite a bit, so I put together a quart size ziplock with travel size items of my essentials. Face wash, toothpaste, moisturizer, contacts, bandages, ibuprophen, Airborne, sanitizer, and a tiny toothbrush. I did not put shampoo or conditioner in there because I typically use the hotel’s. This way I can just grab and go instead of digging through the cabinet.


Organizing takes time to do, but saves you time in the long run. Personally it makes me anxious when things are cluttered and messy. It only took me 30 minutes to get through this cabinet, and it will save me much more than that when I need to find something. Great start to Friday!



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