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Thrifted Find-Brooklyn Bridge Drawing

August 14, 2014

This past weekend Mel and I hit the Elkhorn flea market. Even though we both had long days on Saturday and would have liked to have slept in, we were so glad we went to the flea early. Two words: less people. The difference between going to the flea at 7 AM and 10 AM is HUGE. You can actually walk into the booths, turn around, and get back out. Go later, you will spend half your time trying to navigate.

We didn’t find any furniture pieces, but we did find some cute little stuff (look for the little stuff in next week’s post!). When we were about halfway through, we came across this framed drawing of the Brooklyn Bridge. It was one of those, I love it, but I don’t need it, but I love it… Then I went back to the idea that I should have things in my home that are meaningful. New York is one of my favorite cities, and Tall Guy asked me to marry him on the Brooklyn Bridge. I have quite a few ‘filler’ home decor items that are just kind of placeholders until I find something that I love and that means something to me and/or Tall Guy. Someday I will be like Nate Berkus and have a home full of accessories from my world travels!


The artwork was marked at $45 (pretty sure the framing cost more than that), and I got the seller down to $40. Mel gave me a little nudge and I pulled out the cash. Sold!

Mel added it would go perfectly in my living room. I’m still trying to figure out where I can fit it in and make it work. Maybe you’ll see it when my living room Re-Deux is complete:)

Happy Thursday!


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