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‘Dining Room’ Table Re-Deux

August 27, 2014

If there was one thing I wish we could change about our house, it would be that we had a dining room. The kitchen maybe has room for a tiny bistro table, but nothing more. We briefly talked about the option of turning a bedroom into a dining room, but the downstairs bedrooms are pretty well separated from the common areas. Not that we entertain often, but we had hoped finally having a house would provide an opportunity for us to host small family gatherings and holidays. Our only option was to create a little dining zone in our living room.

Making a dining area in the living room was challenging. Our living room has a strange layout with lots of windows, including a low bay window (which Murphy called dibs on immediately). We really only had one other choice which was to put a table up against the wall between windows. And it works! I will guiltily tell you that we always watch TV while we eat dinner. I know we should be having deep conversations with soft jazz playing in the background. Frankly, sometimes we don’t sit down to eat until 8 or 9 at night and although we do talk, we also like to unwind watching some mindless TV. So in this case, having the table in the vicinity of the TV works great!

I found this table at the fabulous Elkhorn flea market. The size was what sold me. It had the perfect dimensions, and then also had wings that pull out. Perfect for when we have people over for dinner! Once again, this ‘before’ picture got lost in the great SIM card corruption, but this table is pretty close. Only differences are that my table has different legs and was covered in water stains.


I sanded the table down, painted one coat of Kils to cover the water stains, painted 2 coats of gray paint, and lastly 2 coats of polyurethane to seal it. Here is the finished dining table:

20140826_194722 20140826_194831

Happy Wednesday!


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