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Re-Deux Creative is made up of Amanda Nowak and Melissa DeBuck .  After years of happy hour and coffee shop chats about starting a re-design business we finally took the plunge. Amanda coming from an interior design background and Melissa from graphic design, it only seemed natural. Even though right now Re-Deux Creative is small and in the beginning stages, we’re finally doing what we’ve dreamed of for so long. We hope to inspire, create, and connect with others who share in our passion for design.

Please feel free to contact us any time with your ideas and suggestions. Thanks for reading and come back often!

A little about the ladies…


I grew up watching home decorating shows like Lynette Jennings and Christopher Lowell on the Discovery Channel-there was no HGTV back then. For most of my childhood I loved arranging and rearranging all of the miniature furniture and accessories in my dollhouses, I didn’t really play with the dolls. I made it through college at the University of Wisconsin Madison and UW-Stout, and I now work as an interior designer. Flea markets and rummage sales excite me, especially when I get a fantastic deal (ask me about my $100 Eames chair and ottoman). Traveling (when it’s not for work) provides me with my biggest inspirations. My favorite thing about design is the idea of making something better-functionally and aesthetically.


I grew up playing make-believe and dress-up with my siblings, as well as day dreaming about anything and everything as I mowed acres of grass (this is bound to happen when you grow up on a sod farm).  I received my bachelors degree in Art-Graphic Design from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and now employed as a graphic artist for a small print shop.  I enjoy scouring through flea markets and rummage sales in search of hidden gems.  I like the transformation that fabric takes on as it goes from a flat piece of material to a vision of apparel.  As much as I create items with the computer, I sometimes prefer to get my hands dirty.  Lots of people like parties, but I love putting them together, and I’ll use just about any reason to have a party.  Same goes for traveling. My favorite thing about design is that it’s a constant re-deux, an evolution of creativity.

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